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Nanjing Road

Lies between the Bund and the Peoples Square, Nanjing Road is famed as “No I street in China”.  NanjingRoad is the earliest shopping street in Shanghai and also a must-see metropolitan destination attracting thousands of fashion-seeking shoppers from all over the world.  There are 600 shops on both sides of the walkway, the 100- year old ones, famous-brand ones, specialty shops of different trades.  At roughly 3.5 miles, it’s one of the longest shopping districts in the world.
After the Opium War (1839-1842), Shanghai became a treaty port.  Nanjing Road was first the British Concession, then the International Settlement.  Originally named Bubbling Well Road after a small stream that once ran beneath it, Nanjing Road became Chinas most famous strip and may now regain this crown.  Now, modern department stores, though not as gay as the old ones, still line the street and exert a tremendous tourist draw over Chinese and foreign visitors alike.

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Nanjing East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai