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Childrens Palace

The Shanghai Childrens Palace is a kind of spare school that provides after school education for gifted children.  It is an interesting place to visit where you can enjoy great performances by kids.

Located on West Yanan Road in central Shanghai, it was founded in 1953 by Song Qingling (wife of Sun Yatsen; Sun, a famous political leader in China).  The main body of the Childrens Palace in Shanghai was a private villa of an English merchant in old Shanghai.  It was started to build in 1918 and lasted 6 years, so it was completed in 1924.  Most of its construction materials are qualified marbles carried from Europe, so it is also called "the Marble Mansion".  The building features marble lined hallways, wide curving staircases and a large front hall complete with ornate fireplaces, grand chandeliers and French windows.

Children at the childrens palace dont need to learn the same knowledge at school, they learn what they like or interested in.  And there are lots of programs provided for them.  Children can attend one or two programs at the Childrens Palace out of their interests.

Visitor's guide

Admission ticket:
RMB 10

Business hours:

The best tourist season:
June 1st, July to September, Middle of January to Februry

64 Yanan Xi Lu, Jing An District